Shakespeare Way – the final leg

The last weekend in July saw the completion of the Shakespeare Way, when the group walked the 9 or so miles from Putney into the centre of London, finishing at the Globe Theatre.

Most of the walkers went down to London the day before, and took the tube out to Putney on Saturday morning. Luckily the weather had cooled slightly from the heat of the previous day, making for a pleasant walk along the banks of the Thames. There are many and varied apartment blocks along the river, at prices that would probably astound most of us Midlanders, along with many familiar sites that characterise our capital city. The area round the old Battersea Power station was a hive of activity, as the buildings are being converted to residential homes that promise to be of the high-end variety!

Once at the Globe, the group dispersed to their various hotels, returning later for an early evening meal at a restaurant near the Globe. After this, they took their seats in the Globe Theatre, for a performance of Othello. It proved a wonderful and fitting end to the long trail from Stratford-on-Avon to London, which had itself been a varied and enjoyable walk.