Frequently Asked Questions

What will membership cost?

Membership costs £4 per year.

Do I have to join before I can attend a walk?

No. Anyone can join two ‘Free’ walks before deciding whether to become members.

If I turn up to join a walk who should I ask for?

Ask to be directed to the walk leader, introduce yourself, you will be well received.

I find it difficult to meet strangers.

This is true for most people.  Remember, strangers are only friends that you have not yet walked with. 🙂

When are club walks?

The Pathfinders walk every other Sunday, all year round and once a month on a Wednesday from January to early December.

Do I have to walk every fortnight if I join?

No. You can walk as many or as few walks as you wish.

How do members receive information about the walks?

All members receive regular e-mail listings detailing walks and you can find details on the website.

Would I have to buy special clothing and boots to start walking?

Obviously walking boots are strongly advised, or, choose a short walk on a dry day and wear stout footwear to try out walking.

Can I bring my dog?

No. The Club rules do not allow dogs on organized club walks except for guide and assistance dogs.

Upcoming Walks


There are no upcoming events.


There are no upcoming events.